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Maryland inmates can now earn a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University

Georgetown University has announced a new program that will allow some Maryland prison inmates to earn bachelor’s degrees. The Georgetown Prisons and Justice Initiative (PJI) will lead the five-year program. It will choose its first 25 students in the fall 2021 semester. By the program’s end, at least 125 inmates within the Maryland prison system…MORE

Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight on Mars delayed

We’ll have to wait a little bit longer before the first powered, controlled flight occurs on another planet. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, originally scheduled to fly on Mars Sunday, is now set to take off no earlier than April 14, according to the agency. The helicopter returned data to mission teams on Earth late Friday evening…MORE

A Texas man ran from Disneyland to Disney World. Here’s why

A Texas man, wanting to raise awareness of diabetes, just finished running from Disneyland in Southern California to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Don Muchow, 59, started his goal of running across the United States in February 2020. He didn’t have a specific plan involving both Disney parks, but Muchow told CNN affiliate WESH…MORE

Saks Fifth Avenue to stop selling animal fur products

Saks Fifth Avenue says it will stop selling animal fur products by the end of the 2022 fiscal year both online and in stores. The luxury department store chain said in a statement that under the new policy, it will “no longer offer products from animals raised for the use of their fur, including but…MORE

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