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McNamara DNC Calamari

‘Calamari comeback’: Tiniest state’s DNC video gets big buzz

There goes Rhode Island again — always finding a way to get its tiny tentacles onto the national stage. In a made-for-memes moment sandwiched between other states’ calls to fight poverty and end racial injustice, a lawmaker and a restaurateur with a heaping plate of sauteed squid stood on a beach and proclaimed Rhode Island the “calamari comeback state” at the virtual Democratic National Convention. MORE


Voters’ rights groups challenge mail-in ballot requirements

Two voters’ rights groups in Rhode Island have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s vote-by-mail witness and notary requirements, saying the rule unnecessarily puts people’s health at risk during the coronavirus pandemic. MORE


Jobless rate spikes to 14.7%, highest since Great Depression

The U.S. unemployment rate hit 14.7% in April, the highest rate since the Great Depression, as 20.5 million jobs vanished in the worst monthly loss on record. The figures are stark evidence of the damage the coronavirus has done to a now-shattered economy.MORE