2 US lawmakers’ Kabul trip prompts questions, condemnation

Two members of Congress, Democrat Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, (left) and Republican Peter Meijer of Michigan, both Afghanistan war veterans, traveled to Afghanistan, drawing criticism. Official photos

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two members of Congress are facing condemnation and questions following their surprise trip to Afghanistan this week.

The trip by Democrat Seth Moulton, of Massachusetts, and Republican Peter Meijer, of Michigan, diverted resources from the U.S.’s chaotic withdrawal and enraged military leaders.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared it not “a good idea.”

But the two lawmakers said they were conducting important oversight of the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal.

They now face criticism for showboating as politicians — which they vehemently deny — while adding needless confusion to a dire situation.

But they also tapped into a frustration of those who feel that standing by and doing nothing is also not an option.