7 nonprofits in Rhode Island share $500,000 in grants

Providence skyline. File photo by Steve Klamkin WPRO News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Seven nonprofit organizations are sharing more than $500,000 in grants from the Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corp. to help them complete major projects so they can offer better and expanded services during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, officials said Wednesday.

The nonprofits include health, education, and community service organizations that provide vital services, yet have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“These grants will help schools serve more students, mental health providers to serve more patients, nursing homes to better serve their residents, and expand access to dental care for low-income Rhode Islanders,” RIHEBC board Chair Joseph Dewhirst said in a statement.

Thrive Behavioral Health Inc. will use a grant of more than $94,000 to turn unused space in Warwick into five therapeutic session offices and three group rooms.

“The need for behavioral health care services for our community’s youth and their families has outgrown our capacity to provide these essential services,” Thrive’s President and CEO Dan Kubas-Meyer said. “If undetected or left untreated, early behavioral problems in children, adolescents, and young adults can develop into more serious mental health conditions that can impact not just their wellbeing, but their learning and academic achievement.”