Providence Police investigate 15th killing in 2020

Providence Police Major David Lapatin (left) and Captain Timothy O’Hara talk with reporters October 23, 2020 about the shooting death of Dante Mann, 27 the night before on Gallup Street. Photo by Steve Klamkin WPRO News

By Steve Klamkin WPRO News

Police said a 27-year old man was shot and killed while making a music video late Thursday in Lower South Providence, the 15th homicide of the year in the capital.

Police responded to Gallup Street on a report of shots fired at about 11:30 P.M., and said Dante Mann of Providence was shot and died a short time later at Rhode Island Hospital. There were no arrests reported as of midday Friday.

“They were making a video,” said Providence Police Major David Lapatin.

“A couple of cars came by, and then shots rang out. Prior to that, there might have been some other altercation that we’re looking into now,” he said.

“We’re still trying to locate the people that were present,” said Detective Captain Timothy O’Hara. “We just haven’t had a chance. It’s a preliminary investigation right now, and we’re looking back to find out who was there and what they were doing before that.”

Major Lapatin said that despite the soaring number of homicides in the city, Providence remains safe. He pointed to the warm weather and a recent theft from a home of scores of guns for putting more weapons on the streets.

“It sounds kind of funny, but the weather is a factor. I mean, if it’s freezing cold out you’re not going to have these kids out there making a video in the street. So, that’s another thing we’re dealing with, we had a very warm fall,” Lapatin said.