21 arrested at rally for injured man; new videos released

Providence police released what was described as surveillance video showing Jhamal Gonsalves, 24 on his moped at the top of the screen, and a cruiser driven by Officer Kyle Endress, who is assigned to desk duty pending an investigation into the October 18, 2020 encounter that left Gonsalves seriously injured.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Providence city officials say violence at a rally to demand justice for a Providence man seriously injured in moped crash as he was followed by a police cruiser was perpetrated by a small segment of the protesters.

Investigators on Wednesday also released two new videos related to Sunday’s crash that left 24-year-old Jhamal Gonsalves in the hospital. His father says he is in a coma.

Authorities say as many as 700 people participated in what started as a peaceful rally Tuesday night, and most had dispersed by the time about 150 who remained behind started throwing fireworks, bricks and bottles at police.

Five officers were hit and one was taken to the hospital.

Twenty-one people were arrested.

Providence Police released videos of the encounter and appealed to the public for any additional video footage.