Governor and attorney general call for new gun control laws

Gun control advocates rally at the State House February 13, 2020 as the General Assembly debates a ban on ghost guns and the governor introduces new gun control bills. Photo by Steve Klamkin WPRO News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Rhode Island’s Democratic governor and attorney general are asking state lawmakers to pass a group of bills they feel will help curb gun violence.

Gov. Gina Raimondo and Attorney General Peter Neronha said Thursday they’re supporting eight gun control bills.

The bills would ban military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and 3D-printed guns, as well as require gun sellers to send firearm purchase applications to police departments where the buyer lives.

Other proposals would ban guns in schools, prohibit purchasing a gun for someone else, require the safe storage of firearms, and prohibit carrying loaded shotguns and rifles on public roads.

Raimondo says these bills will save lives.