Mattiello: ‘No sanctuary cities for anything,’ supports 2nd Amendment protections

Photo by Steve Klamkin WPRO News.

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Rhode Island Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello, in response to a question about the burgeoning ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary city’ movement in the western half of Rhode Island, tells WPRO’s Gene Valicenti that he opposes sanctuary cities for anything, but supports the First Amendment rights of those speaking out in favor of protecting their Second Amendment rights.

“My suggestion is that we don’t have sanctuary cities for anything,” Mattiello told Valicenti. “and that everyone follows every law. I think you’ll get rid of the fringes like that. If you invite one fringe on one side, you’re going to invite the opposite fringe on the other side.”

Mattiello went on to say that he supports people speaking in support of their Second Amendment rights. “Now I’m not suggesting that sanctuary cities for guns are fringes, they are people who are exercising their First Amendment rights, they want us to know they support the Second Amendment, it’s an important issue to them. There’s balance to that issue so in that regard I absolutely support them.”

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