An income suggestion for furloughed federal workers from a rideshare blogger


By Paul Zangari, WPRO  News and Drive-Thru Radio

Forget bake sales and walking neighbors’ dogs. A rideshare blogger says furloughed federal workers confronted with zeroes on their pay stubs should consider driving for Uber or Lyft. “Rideshare Guy” Harry Campbell says it takes a 2003-or-newer, 4-door car or SUV, a decent driving record, and ordinary insurance. And if you have no car but otherwise qualify, Campbell says rideshare companies offer rentals.

Campbell says it may take a day or two to qualify for Lyft or Uber, but then earnings gross $15-$20 an hour, depending on where you drive. Campbell says in larger states, like California where he lives, drivers are supposed to stay in the state where their car is registered. But in small, tightly-packed states – as is the case here in Southern New England – he says rideshare companies allow border crossing.

There are more details, things like where rideshare drivers are allowed to work at airports or hotels. You can hear an interview with blogger, “Rideshare Guy” Harry Campbell on my automotive show, Drive-Thru Radio. It airs Saturday morning at 8 ET on sister station WPRV, AM 790 and livestreamed. It will also be in the podcast, posted shortly after the show airs.