Trillo announces candidacy for Rhode Island governor as an independent

By Tessa Roy, WPRO News

Former Republican state representative Joe Trillo, who has since held off on officially announcing his bid for governor, told WPRO’s Matt Allen on Tuesday he plans to run for the office as an independent.

The surprise decision leaves Rhode Island’s Republican gubernatorial primary to Cranston Mayor Allan Fung and House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan.

“I feel that my message is more of a populous message… to win with my message in Rhode Island, I will need Democratic support, a lot of independent support, and Republicans,” Trillo said of his decision to shed his Republican label.

Trillo said he believes “the best way to fix” Rhode Island is to get himself on the ballot in November as an option for all voters. He also said he has necessary experience in working with Democrats from his 16 years in the legislature.

Of his opponents in the other parties, Trillo said “Rhode Island will have a choice between insiders and an outsider who is beholden to no special interests but who has the experience and popular vote to change our broken system.”

Listen to Trillo’s announcement below: