Reed: RI Democratic Primary not rigged

By Tessa Roy, WPRO News

Asked if he thinks the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton as former DNC Chair Donna Brazile has alleged, Senator Jack Reed said he doesn’t believe it was the case in Rhode Island; Bernie Sanders, not Clinton, won the state, he said.

“The Rhode Island election certainly wasn’t rigged because, you know, people came out and made their opinions very clear,” he said. “I think it’s not so much rigged as we have to do a better job of reflecting the popular opinions of Democrats across the country.”

Reed said Brazile’s charges point to improvements Democrats should make, calling her a “very thoughtful lady” who has done a “very important service of identifying problems in the party structure.”

“I think what we’re going to have to look at is structurally, how do we accommodate superdelegates, how do we integrate that with the popular vote?” he said. “That’s a serious question and we have to work on it.”

Reed also said President Donald Trump’s pressuring of the FBI and Justice Department to investigate Clinton is an attempt to deflect attention from the Mueller probe.

“I think he’s acting unpresidentially, not only trying to, you know, deflect attention but also to suggest a specific investigation of the FBI. That’s not how our system should operate,” he said. 

  • tadthepole

    I really thought Jack Reed was a little smarter than that. Jack, being rigged does not necessarily mean she would receive more votes from Rhode Islanders. It can also mean that the individuals that were superdelegates could cast their convention vote for the loser. Clinton getting 19 and Sanders 14 from RI even though he won by more than 10 percentage points is all the proof I need. And the citizens of RI, especially the Democrats that voted for Sanders, should never cast another vote for any of the delegates that gave her the lions share here.

  • Lucie Houle

    What a dummy. Who took the delegates, Jack? He’s dumb or thinks we are. Either way, he is long overdue for replacement in Washington.

  • Bill Michaels

    Jack is a lifer. He needs to be voted out next go round. He lost his integrity a long long time ago.