“Give Them Back!” Professionals demand licenses axed by Raimondo returned


by Tara Granahan, WPRO

They’re calling the move “ludicrous” and hoping for a big turnout tomorrow at the State House.

They are professionals in more than 30 different occupations, who say they lost their licenses in a much over-looked budget act by Gov. Gina Raimondo in 2015.  Jackie Pace, executive director of Empire school in Warwick, told WPRO’s Tara Granahan that hundreds of workers, from clinical lab scientists, to cosmetology instructors, to radiology and physical therapists have lost more than a piece of paper, they’ve lost thousands of dollars and hours spent to forward their careers.

Back in February of 2015, Gov. Raimondo addressed over-regulation in the state and highlighted cutting layers of red tape.  She told WPRI, “This isn’t rocket science.  What we’re talking about is doing a review of regulations and permitting, and getting rid of the ones that are antiquated or don’t make sense. We can’t fix everything overnight but it’s a sense of urgency.”  Pace told Granahan today it was a swift move without any communication with business people like herself.  “By doing what they did, they’re bringing us back to the 1960s.  It’s ludicrous!”

Senator Lou Raptakis and Representative Gregg Amore have introduced a bill to overturn the move and reinstate those instructors’ licenses.  A rally is planned for 4:30pm Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at the State House.

More information and background on this story HERE.

Here are the occupations affected: (via WPRI)

  1. Auctioneer
  2. Line Cleaner
  3. Athletic Coach
  4. General Subject Matter Substitute
  5. Nurse Teacher Substitute
  6. Fur Buyer
  7. Life Guard
  8. Athletic Trainer
  9. Audiologist Support Person
  10. Barber Apprentice
  11. Barber Instructor
  12. Electrologist Apprentice
  13. Electrologist Instructor
  14. Esthetician Instructor
  15. Hairdresser/Cosmetologist Instructor
  16. Manicurist Instructor
  17. Clinical Histologic Technician
  18. Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  19. Clinical Lab Tech
  20. Cylotech
  21. Music Therapist
  22. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  23. Orthotics
  24. PT Assistant
  25. Prosthetics
  26. Radiologist Assistant
  27. Sanitarian