Lucchino: More time needed for PawSox stadium deal

Larry Lucchino2

By Sam Wroblewski

In an open letter written to the Governor, House Speaker, and Senate president, Pawtucket Red Sox Chairman Larry Lucchino said more time is needed in the ongoing stadium negotiations to ensure public participation.

The original goal of the new PawSox ownership was to reach a deal on a ballpark by the end of the legislative session June 20. However, a recent comment by Speaker Nicholas Mattiello expressing pessimism about the timeline has caused Lucchino to rethink their position.


“[We] fully endorse a continuing and comprehensive discussion to ensure a ballpark proposal that most benefits the state and its citizens,” wrote Lucchino.

Lucchino wrote the original timeline had been the design of the late-PawSox President Jim Skeffington, who died suddenly last month, and that his passing “[Necessitates] a new and different rhythm to our joint effort.”

In the coming days, Lucchino and company will need to devise a strategy to overcome a mountain of public opposition to the Providence ballpark proposal. Recently, the Associated Press reported 98 percent of calls and emails to Governor Gina Raimondo’s office regarding the ballpark have been negative.

Lucchino writes he still believes in Skeffington’s vision that a downtown Providence ballpark would be an economic catalyst for the area.

Mattiello stated recently a special session regarding the PawSox proposal is still on the table.