Orange lobster saved from dinner table, on display in Bristol

orange lobsterAn orange lobster is on display at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island in Bristol. Submitted photo.


By Kim Kalunian, WPRO News  

An extremely rare lobster now on display in Bristol came from a place a lot of lobsters do: Stop & Shop.

Anne DiMonti, Director of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Environmental Education Center, says an employee of the Bristol supermarket called her over the summer with an unusual find.

The employee told DiMonti a shipment of lobsters had arrived, and in the middle of the typical brown-green crustaceans was something that caught his eye: a bright, carrot orange lobster.

“It was kind of funny,” DiMonti told WPRO News. “When it happened it was one of those things that almost doesn’t click. Someone calls and says, ‘We have an orange lobster,’ and you think, ‘Yeah, ok, not 100-percent sure what’s going to come.’”

But what she got was exactly what the man had described.

“When you saw it, it was such a wow moment,” she said.

The lobster, a female believed to be between 7 and 9 years old, is a bright, red-orange hue.

“Most people’s comment is that it’s a lobster that looks like it’s been cooked,” she said. “But she’s certainly alive and absolutely beautiful.”

DiMonti says they plan to keep her at the Audubon Society in Bristol for as long as possible. She’s currently on display alongside a fellow rarity: a blue lobster.

For more information on how and when you can see the rare, orange lobster at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, click here. 

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