Protesters crash marijuana legalization press conference

Photo by Andrew Augustus WPRO News
Photo by Andrew Augustus WPRO News


Two pro-cannabis protesters interrupted a marijuana legalization press conference at the State House Thursday afternoon demanding that the substance be referred to cannabis and that any other term is as derogatory as referring to African Americans as the “N-word.”

In the video taken by WPRO’s Andrew Augustus, protesters holding signs marked with Bible verses, could be heard saying that slang terms for cannabis is “offensive to their religion” and that lawmakers wouldn’t refer to supporter of the Voter’s Rights Protection Act as the “N-Word” and that they shouldn’t do the same to marijuana.

The two activists are Allan Gordon, who says he has been fighting for legalization for 20 years, and Anne Armstrong who famously declared her write-in candidacy for Governor of Rhode Island in a YouTube video by smoking marijuana.

“From a single cannabis plant it’s impossible to produce the small limit they allow,” said Gordon.

Gordon and Armstrong are both in favor of legalizing cannabis but are against the regulation of it.

“It should be treated like any other plant or any other herb and there should be a system of safeguard and controls,” added Armstrong.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Josh Miller and Representative Scott Slater and will be introduced to both the House and Senate floors.

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