NEWS: Rhode Island Kids Count celebrates 20 years of RIte Care

Kids Count

Elizabeth Burke Bryant speaks at Kids Count luncheon. Photo by Andrew Augustus WPRO News 

WPRO Newsroom

The children’s health policy group Rhode Island Kids Count held a luncheon Monday to celebrate twenty years of the state’s child insurance program RIte Care.

Rhode Island Kids Count Executive Director Elizabeth Burke Bryant said because of RIte Care the state’s children are some of the healthiest in the nation.

“We have people from across the community that cares about kids who are really paying attention to the outcomes not just what the programs are, but are our kids healthier? And what we report out every year in our fact book is that kids are healthier because we’re getting them to the doctor on a regular basis for checkups,” said Bryant.

Bryant said the Ritc Care system has become a model for the country for keeping child healthcare costs down.

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