NEWS: Healey: I’m an equal opportunity spoiler


By Sam Wroblewski

Moderate Party candidate Bob “Cool Moose” Healey said he isn’t to blame for Fung losing the race for governor.

“In ’94 the Republicans were all happy when I, according to them, helped them beat Myrth York and the Democrats were very upset I was in the race as a spoiler; now the table is turned,” Healey told the WPRO Morning News with Gene Valicenti.

“I think I’m an equal opportunity spoiler.”

Healey surprised many when he agreed to step into the Governor’s race as a substitute for the previous Moderate Party candidate, who stepped down due to medical issues. Healey pledged not to accept money from special interests and to run a strictly grassroots campaign. As a result, Healey racked up 22% of the vote after spending only $38 in the race.

Healey said instead of focusing on his history as a spoiler, Rhode Islanders should be advocating for a runoff election system so candidates like Raimondo, and Chafee previously, cannot win without a definitive majority vote.

“When you boil it down and you look at it, and you look at the numbers, it’s just that people didn’t run the races they were supposed to,” said Healey.

Listen to Gene Valicenti’s full interview with Bob Healey below: