PETS: Poll finds Americans love dogs, loathe snakes

People love their pets. A new Public Policy Polling survey found out just how much. Image from Wikipedia. 

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Public Policy Polling conducted a nationwide poll about Americans’ opinions of their pets and other exotic animals. Here are some of the results:

Dogs rule

Dogs are the big favorite: 52 percent said they prefer dogs while just 21 percent chose cats.

Cat nap

Almost a third of respondents said their pets sleep in the bed with them.

Puppy love

More than 80 percent of voters said they either “like” or “love” dogs. Cats got a total of 58 percent of voters to either “like” or “love” them.

Partisan pooches

People who prefer dogs tended to be more likely to vote for Mitt Romney than Barack Obama in 2012.

Scary scales

Turns out Americans are more terrified of snakes than any other animal. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they were the scariest, while alligators came in a close second at 19 percent. Sharks and bears followed with 18 and 14 percent respectively.

Bear fight

Respondents chose the bear as the clear favorite to win in a fight between a bear and shark, with 56 percent of respondents picking the bear over the shark.

They’re grrreat!

When picking what they’d most like to have as an exotic pet, 26 percent of respondents chose a tiger, 20 percent a giraffe, 18 percent a dinosaur, 16 percent an elephant, 14 percent a polar bear and 6 percent an alligator.

Hippo under the tree

Not many people concur with the classic song “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Ninety percent of respondents said “no thank you” to that holiday present.

Bambi beats them all

Bambi was voted the favorite movie animal, followed by Lassie, Garfield, Nemo, Free Willy and Jaws.

Read the full results here.


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