ODD: Lost cockatiel flies to home of feathered friend

Do you know this bird? This cockateil was found in Providence Wednesday night. Submitted photo.

An unexpected piece of “air mail” recently made its way to Lisa Reefe’s home on the East Side of Providence.

She and her husband had recently built a bird feeder outside their sunroom window so their parrot, Olive, could watch the wild birds outside. But an unusual chirp brought Reefe to the window Wednesday night, where she found a cockatiel sitting outside.

“Immediately I went out and took a little bowl of feed, “ said Reefe, a life-long bird owner. “Clearly I thought we should catch her.”

The bird willingly hopped into a travel crate, and has been sitting in a cage inside Reefe’s home ever since. 

Reefe is curious as to why the cockatiel ended up at her window, and has a hunch that the cockatiel and her parrot, Olive, were communicating. 

In the past 24 hours, Reefe has made calls to the police, animal control and local vets, and posted the bird’s photo on social media and Craig’s List, but no one has claimed her. One man called from Woonsocket. He had lost a cockatiel on Monday, and said the little birds could fly up to 300 miles with the right wind. Unfortunately, this bird wasn’t his.

Though it’s possible the bird has been feral for some time, Reefe said the animal looks well-cared for. But because of the recent scare with diseased pet birds, Reefe is keeping the cockatiel separate from Olive until she can have it tested.

If you have any tips as to the owners of the cockatiel, please email kim@630wpro.com