PETS: The coolest pet gadgets you’ve never heard of

By Kim Kalunian, WPRO News

There’s a plethora of gadgets for pets that range from clever to bizarre. compiled a great list of, well, cool gadgets for your pets. Here’s a look at some of their picks:

Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain

Hook this device up to your outdoor spigot and Fido can have his very own water fountain. The gadget has a built-in sonar proximity sensor that tells it when a dog comes within three inches. It’s even height adjustable. Price: $69.95

Umbrella Leash

If your dog hates getting wet in the rain as much as you do, this is the product for you. A leash runs up through the handle of this inverted umbrella, which allows dog walkers to keep Rover dry. Price: $39.94

Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer

Stick it on your window and your cat will have hours of fun. The gadget adhered to any window using two suction cups, and uses the energy of the sun to power up. Cats will love the ever-moving plastic ball (with feathers!), plus it’s detachable for manual use too. Price: $39.95

Cosmic Catnip Bubbles

Chances are, if it’s got catnip in it, your cat will go crazy over it. And bubbles? Cats love those too. Now imagine catnip scented bubbles, they’ll provide hours (or at least a few minutes) of amusement for you and your cat. Price: $4.99

Frobo Pet Bowl

Summer is on its way, and you might want to provide Fluffy with a cool drink to prevent those drool-producing, tongue-wagging pants. The Frobo pet bowl has a core of gel beads that can be frozen, and keel water cool for up to eight hours. Price: $15.99