NEWS: Two moms have “blizzard babies”

WPRO Newsroom and the Associated Press

NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) – Two Newport mothers gave birth during the blizzard after white-knuckle rides through the snow.
Nikki Browning told The Newport Daily News that her water broke Friday night and her husband, Patrick, had to rush to shovel out the car. She gave birth to a 7-pound-5-ounce boy Saturday morning at Newport Hospital.
Patrick Browning says the roads were really bad during the drive to the hospital and he drove flashing his high beams.
The second mother's name hasn't been released. Her trip to the hospital included a snowmobile ride.
Authorities say the woman went into labor Saturday morning, but her street wasn't plowed. A neighbor managed to drive her in his Jeep to a police officer waiting on a snowmobile. The officer then took her to an awaiting rescue wagon.