WEATHER: Chafee: A “good team” working on RI storm management

Governor Chafee at the Rhode Island Emergency management Agency. Photo by Steve Klamkin.

By Kim Kalunian and Steve Klamkin, WPRO News 

Governor Lincoln Chafee said the pre-treatment of major roads like Route 95 is working well, and can be misleading to motorists who want to venture out on the roads. But Chafee enacted a ban on travel on routes 95, 195, 295, 146 and 24 at 5 p.m., and said that, in general, people have heeded his warning and the roads are pretty empty.

Chafee said the storm appears to be intensifying, and coupled with the lack of sun, visibility has drastically decreased.

"We're working collaboratively with our neighbors in Massachusetts and Conntecticut," he said about the travel ban. "The general word is 'stay off the roads' and Rhode Islanders are seemingly, from my experience, adhering to that good, common-sense advice"

Now Chafee's concern is the combination of low temperatures and potential power outages.

"That's our biggest worry at this stage," he said.

He said he has been working closely with municipalties and local EMA directors to set up emergency shelters. 

"We've got good experience, we've been through Sandy and Irene and then the snow storms of 2011… so a lot of good experience…it's a good team," he said. 

He said Rhode Islanders should have "full confidence" in the public servants working to keep the roads clear and the power on. 

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