Rep. Ray Hull reprimanded for making votes for colleague

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Rhode Island state representative who admits he voted in the place of another legislator has been given a “letter of admonishment,” but will not face further punishment.

Democratic Rep. Ray Hull was admonished for marking his seatmate, Democratic Rep. John Lombardi, present at a floor session last week and also voting for him in favor of three bills. The letter was signed by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, Majority Leader Joe Shekarchi, Majority Whip John Edwards and Rules Committee Chairman Arthur “Doc” Corvese.

Hull admitted last week that he voted for Lombardi, who told him he was “outside” and asked him to do it. Lombardi later confirmed he was running late due to a medical emergency, and had asked Hull to vote for him.

Hull says he’s formulating a response.

  • kjmac07

    No excuse! This is wrong and it deserves a stronger rebuke than a letter. If Lombardi put him up to it, he ALSO deserves censure!
    It’s not fraud, but it comes close. It’s misfeasance, at least and should come with a warning: Next time, you’re OUT!

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