Patricia Morgan endorses Joe Trillo for Governor

Candidate for governor Joseph A. Trillo says he has a “major announcement”. #WPRO

Posted by NewsTalk 99.7 & AM 630 WPRO on Thursday, October 4, 2018

By WPRO News

Weeks after losing the GOP gubernatorial primary, House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan threw her support behind independent candidate Joe Trillo.

“I know [Trillo’s] character, I know what he stands for and I know he’s a fighter. And that’s the kind of person we need to be our next governor,” Morgan said.

Morgan criticized Fung and Governor Gina Raimondo, while Trillo rejected the notion that Fung could win the election if Trillo left the race.

“I believe he is the only person who can beat Gina Raimondo. And I know our state cannot suffer under 4 more years of her failed leadership,” Morgan said. She also claimed Fung had asked for her endorsement after the primary, but that phone call “didn’t go well.”

“A vote for Fung is a losing vote. He’s not going to win this election if I was in it, he’s not going to win it with me out of it. You people are kidding yourself,” Trillo said. “He’s a flawed candidate. I’m going to say it, he’s a corrupt man. And if people want to elect a corrupt man to be a corrupt governor, go ahead.”

Trillo also announced that if elected, he’ll take advantage of resources offered by Ken Block to examine the TDI system, John Robitaille’s expertise on business, and hire Arlene Violet to serve as Inspector General.

Fung reacted on Twitter and later refuted Morgan’s claim that their phone call about an endorsement went south. He said they spoke when she conceded, and messages he left her later went unanswered, so he never actually got the chance to ask for her support.

Trillo also joined WPRO’s Matt Allen to discuss Morgan’s endorsement.

Listen to “Joe Trillo – Patricia Morgan is endorsing his campaign” on Spreaker.

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