Rhode Island leaders react to Trump “S–thole” comments

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)


Reaction to the latest White House controversy is roaring through Rhode Island’s political leadership after President Trump called Haiti and Africa “s***holes.”

“If he said what he said, because I know he’s denied it, there’s certainly no defense to it”, said Republican Gubernatorial Allan Fung. He tells WPRO he will comport himself in how own way.

Republican turned Independent candidate for Governor Joe Trillo told WPRO the controversy is being blown out of portion

“What’s not factual about what he saying”, said Trillo who was chairman of the President’s Rhode Island campaign in 2016.

Rhode Island Democrats leaders were predictable aghast at the reported comments. Senator Jack Reed called them unpresidential. Governor Gina Raimondo said they were something she wouldn’t want her children to hear.

Congressman David Cicilline called the comments very damaging.

“It’s very damaging when the President’s viewed as someone who doesn’t value entire countries”,  Cicilline told a CNN interviewer.

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