East Greenwich Town Councilor under fire for ‘joke’ tweet


Sean Todd, Vice President of the East Greenwich Town Council, is under fire for a ‘joke’ tweet sent out Saturday during the nationwide Women’s March Protests. The tweet, since deleted, said “Definitely a guy came up with the idea for the #womensmarch perfect way to get the wives outta the house.”

A screenshot of the deleted tweet quickly became viral around East Greenwich and the state.  Todd later apologized in a series of tweets.


Todd also issued a statement to WPRO’s Tara Granahan on Monday. “After this divisive election cycle, it’s important that we retain our sense of humor,” said Todd. “That’s what I was trying to do. It obviously didn’t work, and for those who feel offended I’m honestly sorry. It wasn’t my intention.”

A protest is planned at tonight’s East Greenwich Town Council Meeting. Hilary Levey Friedman, Chair of the East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, is an organizer of the “#outtathehouse” Protest.

“Tonight is about people coming together to have an opportunity to express their displeasure with one of our elected officials,” Friedman told Tara Granahan Monday morning. “Part of what we’re seeing in the larger context of our country right now is that people feel that they can say these things. People now feel like they have license to express these opinions that aren’t as socially acceptable, that will offend a lot of people. This is a chance for us to say ‘we’re watching and we see what you’re doing’ and you’re supposed to be held to a higher standard.”


The story was first reported by Bob Plain from RIFuture.org.

  • readmore111

    Too little, too late. Resign, Todd.

  • People need to get a grip. It was a joke. Just like women make jokes with their female friends about their husbands. Lighten up people. This public lynching of this man is over the top and just plain wrong. He shouldn’t resign. He should tell people do go protest someone who deserves it. How about the local judge whose behavior has been allegedly sexually inappropriate? Spend your time protesting someone like that.

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