Rhode Island’s ​Billy Gilman talks post “The Voice” with Tara Granahan


After the dry ice fades and the last note is sung on “The Voice”,  what’s next for RI’s Billy Gilman?  He tells WPRO’s Tara Granahan there’s a lot in the works since coming in second place…and explains that’s how he hoped it would turn out!

Billy also shared the news of performing at the Vets Auditorium in January, the Washington County Fair (where he grew up!) this summer, and lots of meetings taking place for his future ventures.   And behind-the-scenes of the competition? …well, you’ll have to listen!

  • FolsomBlues

    I have been a fan of Billy ever since he came onto The Voice. His music has helped me through tough times during this year. I like him and his backstory is moving and inspirational. His tone is just beautiful and pleasant, a musical gift to the world. He is humble, classy, down-to-earth, with an incredible voice.
    For almost two months now his rendition of “Fight Song” has really lifted and comforted me everyday.
    I hope he’s doing a concert in Sacramento someday.
    Thank You so very much for your inspiration!

  • survivrs

    I have enjoyed listening to Billy since I first heard him on Youtube which would have been around 2001 or ’02. From time to time I would check to see if he had anything new out. This was my first year of listening to The Voice and I was so excited as soon as I saw Billy and when the time finally came that we could vote, we did. I was horribly disappointed that he didn’t win, but knowing that his goal was 2nd place and why, it all fell into place. I’ve heard stories from winners of other talent shows and how hard it was to get out from under someone else’s thumb, so I’m thrilled for Billy and can’t wait for him to get an album out there. It would be great to start with an album of all his songs from the show. Sending some cold December love from Iowa!!!

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