Beer is for Lovers: Local brewer makes aphrodisiac stout

foorproof stout

By Kim Kalunian, WPRO News

Foolproof Brewing Company’s latest suds are specifically for sweethearts…or anyone who likes a new brew.

Foolproof President and Founder Nick Garrison says their latest limited-release stout mixes two aphrodisiacs just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“The beer is called ‘Shuckolate,’ and it is a very unique beer,” Garrison told WPRO News. “It is a chocolate-oyster stout, and we brewed it in collaboration with two local food artisans, Garrison Confections — no relation to me — and Walrus and Carpenter Oysters.”

Garrison says the beer has been flying off shelves since its release in late January.

“This was definitely an experiment for us,” he said. “This is probably the most unique beer we’ve brewed to date, but we’re really happy with how that blend of flavors came together.”

He said the unlikely pairing of chocolate and oysters works well together in the creamy stout.

“You get some chocolate aroma and flavors and that’s enhanced by the roasted dark malt that we used because it is a stout, and we find that blends very well with the very slight brininess and saltiness that you get from the oysters,” he said.

And turns out oysters in beer isn’t all that weird – Garrison says it’s actually an old brewing method used in England.

“Some people hear the word ‘oyster’ and they freak out a little bit, but I’ve been telling people, if we didn’t tell you there were oysters in the beer, you’d never guess they were in there,” he said.

Garrison says the “Shuckolate” stout is available wherever craft beer is sold, but says folks should call their liquor store ahead of time to make sure it’s not sold out. Don’t worry though, he says they plan to brew more next year.

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