NEWS: 2 sides continue to debate RhodeMap RI proposal

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Both supporters and opponents of the controversial economic development plan RhodeMap RI continue to accuse the other of misrepresenting the true intent of the plan.

“I think there’s been more heat than light shed on this plan, and I would urge everyone to at least read the executive summary,” said Scott Wolf of Grow Smart RI who supports the implementation of RhodeMap RI.

Opponents like Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s Mike Stenhouse says the plan is social engineering disguised as economics.

“[The plan] wpuld also remove many government decisions from local people and their local elected officials and place them in the hands of bureaucrats who are accountable to nobody in Washington DC.,” said Stenhouse.

  • Read the RhodeMap RI plan Here
  • Read RICFP retort Here

Stenhouse also stated that because the plan’s funding came from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, all decisions regarding the plan will be ceded to national interests.

“That really is a red herring,” responded Wolf, “The federal government funded this plan basically with money from the tax payers coming back to the state.”

Wolf said if passed the plan would not interfere with local housing decisions or the state government.

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